PAISTE symphonic brilliant GONGS

From Paiste, on Symphonic Brilliant  Gongs:  Brilliant gongs build up their overtone structure slightly faster, then the regular Symphonic one. These gongs are not tuned, they have a slightly raised surface giving them a harmonic and universal sound structure. The different sounds and vibrations are drawn from the gong depending on the size, weight, or composition of the mallet and varying the striking points.The Symphonic Brilliant Gongs are principally identical in construction to the Symphonic Gongs but are laboriously hand polished to achieve their distinctive mirror-like look. The sound of the brilliant models differs only marginal from the conventional Symphonic Gongs.


I’m so excited you have decided to enter the sacred world of sound healing, this can get technical, you’ve got pitch, hertz, corresponding, chakra, corresponding planets have I confused you yet?  To make matters a little more changeling one person says this…and other that… oh dear….
I say choose easy choose from the heart; forget about all the technical stuff when you ask inside what is the first thing you heard? That is the one for you. 

Things to consider how will you be using your new sound healing instrument?
Just at home, you can go big it doesn’t have to travel.
Traveling a little, maybe a soundbath here or there? Large or medium is perfect for you.
Traveling a lot like me, yoga classes every day? Go small you will be happy you did.
If you are a traveling Yogi send me a message and I can recommend my favorites.

I work with Gongs Unlimited, they have many great videos - Happy Gong Shopping - Guru Mitar


$1,496.00 Harmonic & Universal Sound 

   $100.00 M5 or M6 MALLET


$554.00 Harmonic & Universal Sound 

  $94.00 M4 MALLET


 $1,190.00 Harmonic & Universal Sound 

    $100.00 M5 MALLET


 $1496.00 Harmonic & Universal Sound 

   $100.00 M5 MALLET

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