Come for the weekend...Benefit for a Lifetime


March 31, Friday 3 pm -  April 2, Sunday 11 am 

Breathwork & Soundbath, Daily Yoga with Meditation, time in Nature & Free Time

Breather & Sacred Sitter

Daily Yoga Optional 

Double & Single (if available)

Hot Tub & Swimming Pool

Vegetarian & Meat Options

The Joshua Tree Retreat Center has 15 known Vortexes on the land. Whether you are asking for divine guidance, inspiration, or creativity in your chosen field, the vortexes will help you find clarity in your needs.The energy of a Vortex acts as an amplifier. An amplifier takes a signal or frequency and makes it stronger. When standing in a vortex, the energy will magnify what we bring to it on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. The energy may augment your thoughts and intuition, allowing you to gain an unexpected insight. It may heighten your feelings of joy and happiness, or even have physical effect, such as causing a nagging pain to dissipate. The energy may also have a profound spiritual effect, leading a person to gain a greater understanding of who they are, or where they are going in life, many times helping to induce an internal ecstatic experience.

Limited Availability

Having to much fun, don't want to go home?

Stay over Sunday night, FREE yes that means no additional cost to stay and have more fun.  Enjoy another Kundalini Yoga Class, have a farewell breakfast Monday morning, and then depart at your leisure as long as you are out of your room by 11am on Monday. If there are a lot of participants who stay over, we can organize a free movement or dance event Sunday evening. Let us know if you want to stay for more Fun.

Limited Availability

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Why practice Holotropic Breathwork™

Holotropic Breathwork operates under the principle that we are our own best healers, in that each of us has an inner healing mechanism. Just as our physical body will instinctually move to heal itself when injured the same is true with our psyche, given the opportunity.  Holotropic Breathwork touches the deepest levels of the subconscious, helping one to access experiences which go beyond everyday understanding, such as traumatic memories, archetypes, birth experiences and, some believe, even karmic patterns.

A holotropic breathwork session can bring into consciousness any emotions, sensations or thoughts that may be unfinished byproducts of events from our personal life history or our birth experience.  Breathwork provides the opportunity for unproductive patterns and emotions frozen with past events to surface and transform into an experience of release. 

Why practice Kundalini Yoga

Within ALL of us is a powerful Spiritual Force called Kundalini, although there are cases of the Kundalini rising spontaneously, without purposeful spiritual practice, your reservoir of Kundalini energy usually remains dormant throughout your entire life. It’s like having a racing car and never getting out of first gear! 


The practice of Kundalini Yoga goes beyond the physical focus of poses adding the science of breath, mudras, vibrational sound and meditation all in one practice.

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