How to Kundalini Frog Pose

Balance Sexual Energy; get Creative Energy flowing

How to do Frog and why - Lacking sexual energy or have way to much sexual energy? Or maybe you are trapped in your negative mind going down that vortex of negativity.


Drop down and do Frog, it is a great Kundalini pose to energizer you, move you into your positive mind, and circulate your creative flow. Yogi Bhajan recommended frog every day!!! Join us on our frog journey as we increase the number each week watching ourselves get stronger each day, allowing us to walk through life with ease and grace.

26 Kundlini Frog Poses

Baby steps start with just 26

Do 26 Frog everyday to keep your energy balanced, notice how you feel on day one, day two and by day seven piece of cake.

Join us on our crowd pleasing frog journey we will be increasing the number each week, watching ourselves get stronger each day, allowing us to walk through life with ease and grace.

35 Frogs this week

I Can I Will

35 Frogs today…I Can I Will…a little every day, energizing myself, moving into the flow of my positive mind, and circulating my creative power. I GOT THIS!!!! 

40 Kundalini Frog Pose

Life doesn't get easier YOU GET STRONGER

Truth be said this pose is difficult…but something more difficult Living in Fear, Living Depressed, Living Unfulfilled.

It’s time to discipline yourself, do a little bit of work each day get stronger, as you watch yourself get stronger you fall in the love with the work and it is no longer discipline it becomes Devotion. 

46 Kundalini Frog Pose

Heavenly push forward

We are on 46 this week, I CAN I I WILL!!!! You are stronger than you know; remember when we started 26 frogs was hard? Now 26 is a piece of cake, stay with it heavenly push through soon 46 will be a piece of cake.

52 Kundalini Frog Pose with Venus Gong

Connecting to the Vibration of You

We are on 52 this week, I can I will!!!! Connecting to the Strength, Power, and Vibration of you WONDERFUL YOU!!!!

Congratulate yourself 52 Wow, now that’s a lot of crowd pleasing frogs. 

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